We are a consulting firm that has a focus on moving your organization to a new and better place.

Our consulting is exceedingly effective because of a few things we have learned:

  1. We assume “nothing” of your organization
    • We engage with your people and understand what they “see”
    • We interrogate your processes and strategy and measure for efficiency and effectiveness
    • We have a look at your technology to see how we can expand and propel on your current investments
  2. We know some things about you, your people and your organization
    • You (and your staff) are already doing what needs to be done (that’s why you are still operating) but we want to see how we can elevate or focus the performance
    • You probably have a good idea what is working and what requires attention
    • You have a few ideas on how to resolve the problem – but need assistance on solution selection and the capacity and capability to move from where you are now to where you need to be
    • We usually bolster or add capacity in knowledge, skills, and attitude arenas during these engagements
    • We also allow the addition of fresh thinking to enter the scenario, because the thinking and behavior that caused the problem, may not be able to solve the problem
  3. Recipes, methodologies, and processes
    • You, your people, your organization is unique
    • You know your customers or clients, people, strategy, value proposition, and your culture
    • We need to “adapt” frameworks and other theoretical constructs to yield benefit to you
    • We don’t have time money or luxury on our side so we cannot re-invent the weel. We need to find the fastest possible way to identify the most effective solution and get it working.
  4. You remain the owner, we add and not subtract to your capability
    • We assist in finding, defining, clarifying and implementing the best solution we can lay our hands on
    • We agree on this route together, and we know that you are probably stressed, overworked and behind on delivery
    • We help with preparation, prioritization, and implementation of the solution and we celebrate your success
  5. Compensation
    • We have a distinct drive to implement solutions with an ROI of fewer than 3 months
    • We are also patient to allow one solution to yield results before piling on the next one
    • We work with business, organizations, churches, welfare organizations, NPO, NGO and with corporate social responsibility providers; identifying the most positive cost to benefit solutions is essential
    • If you are an individual who needs advice, the first session is free

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